Maintenance Course

rideride's cycle maintenance courses are a series of 2hr hands on workshops; equipping every cyclist with the know how to perform repairs or regular servicing at home.

rideride’s 'Up' series is a collection of 8 bike maintenance courses for beginners to expert hobbyists, running weekdays 7-9pm, at £30 each. We've taught over 600 people so come join the fun.

Essential maintenance course
Tune Up Course

A must for every cyclist

Perform an 'MOT' of your bike, fix a puncture (with ease), tighten your brakes and set up your gears.
We’ve taught this course to avid roadies and innocent brownies who all love it. Whether your aim is to master gear indexing or look like a pro when you're changing a tube, the Tune Up course has given insight to seasoned and beginners alike. 

Mechanic maintenance courses
Geared Up Course

All about the drivetrain; derailleur installation, gear indexing, cable replacement and chain sizing.
Be the star in any riding group when you remedy gear issues with a precision magical touch. The Geared Up course gives you the knowledge to install and problem solve any gear set up.
If you’ve not played with gears before we recommend trying our Tune Up course first.


Straighten Up Course

Keep those wheels spinning for years to come; learn hub servicing and the art of wheel truing.
This is marmite for budding mechanics; lose yourself in the soothing skill of spoke tuning or become angrily content with a wobbly wheel.


Build Up Course

Want to push further with your mechanical skills and build a bike from the ground up.
A few vital insights when building a bike; frame alignment, reaming and facing, headset servicing, bottom bracket installation and measuring chain line.

Specialist maintenance courses
A collection of courses that take a closer look. These are currently run on demand, so drop us an email if you're keen.
Brake It Up
Hydraulic brake overview, bleeding and set up. Practicing on a workshop bike or your own.  
Lace Up
Spoke sizing, lacing and tensioning on a workshop wheel or book a Lace Up prep session to build a custom wheel (£15).  
Shock Up
Suspension technologies and set up, strip & rebuild of workshop suspension forks.  
Geek It Up
Internal geared hub overview and servicing on workshop hubs, or your own hub by prior arrangement.

Our bike maintenance courses are taught on location at rideride Cycle Workshop, where we have ample tools, aprons and gloves, all you'll need is your bike and a smile. We recommend working on your own bike, there are many different styles of components so tuition is tailored to you and your bike, it also means you’ll leave with a smoother ride. That said, workshop bikes can be requested prior to the session, just drop us an email.

We will take our Tune Up course to any location if you have a group of 4 +, it’s great as an employee benefit, youth group activity, cycling club social or a pre tour preparation.

Courses run from 7-9pm at the workshop.

Book in now to secure your place. Pay with PayPal, no account required. Any dates missing off the booking form are fully booked. Bookings are non refundable but are transferable up to 1 week before.

Tune Up Straighten Up Geared Up Build Up
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