Do you ever read a blog?

There’s millions of blogs out there and I wondered if our customers read blogs, do you? This is our first blog with plans for fortnightly posts, what would you like to read? We’re limiting our articles to 3 categories; Southampton, mechanics and rideride for our 3 audiences; roadies, commuters and mountain bikers.


We’ll be keeping you up to date with where the local riding spots are, when the best events are on and who’s out riding; the teams, the clubs and the fanatical lone rangers.


Our passion is the fixing and tuning of the 2 wheeled dream, we’ve been doing it a while and will be giving you an insight into how we do what we do and the best ways you can go about it too. We’ll also be including trail tips and how to survive the daily commute.


Established in 2010 we’ve built a large loyal family and to welcome you into it too we will be posting about our history, dreams, team, general happenings and our services.

You’ll be hearing from our team but also from local riders and organisations.
So there’s the rough plan, we’ve article topics to last us into 2020 but we would love to hear your thoughts, who would you like to hear from? What would you like to know? Do you have a story to tell?

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